Can You Steal It walkthrough and cheats–with hints, tips, guides and full walkthroughs for how to beat level/stage 19 of Can You Steal It. Here you will find all the Can You Steal It walkthrough and guides for how to cheat in Can You Steal It! See below for the full walkthrough of Can You Steal It level/stage 19!

  1. Tap the teddy bear that is on the bed.  Behind the bear you will find a code – 2714.
  2. On the desk you will find a blue and yellow box.   Enter the code – 2714 – to open up the box.  Inside you will find a key.
  3. Tap the nightstand that is beside the bed.  Use the key to unlock the top drawer.  Inside there is a pink box that is locked.
  4. Go to the picture that is hanging on the wall and put it back together.  Behind the picture there is another locked box.
  5. Above the bed there are books – red, orange, and blue.  Remember this sequence to open up the box behind the picture.  In the box you will find the word – DONUT.
  6. Enter the code – DONUT – onto the pink box in the nightstand.  Inside you will find the green dinosaur.