Can You Steal It walkthrough and cheats–with hints, tips, guides and full walkthroughs for how to beat level/stage 15 of Can You Steal It. Here you will find all the Can You Steal It walkthrough and guides for how to cheat in Can You Steal It! See below for the full walkthrough of Can You Steal It level/stage 15

  1. Tap on the picture that is beside the purple vase.  The picture contains a number – 5291.
  2. Go over to the cabinets on the left side of the room and enter the code – 5291 – to open up the cabinets.   Inside the cabinets you will find a screwdriver.
  3. Go to the other picture hanging in the room and put it back together.  When the picture is back together you will find a vent.
  4. Use the screwdriver to open up the four screws to remove the vent.  Inside there is a black box that needs a key.
  5. Go to the blue vase and tap it.  When it moves a pink key will appear.  Take the key back to the black box to unlock it.
  6. Inside the black box you will find the ring.