Can You Steal It walkthrough and cheats–with hints, tips, guides and full walkthroughs for how to beat level/stage 11 of Can You Steal It. Here you will find all the Can You Steal It walkthrough and guides for how to cheat in Can You Steal It! See below for the full walkthrough of Can You Steal It level/stage 11

  1. Click the top of the cabinets that are on the right and zoom in
  2. Click the key and grab it
  3. Zoom out
  4. Click the blue drawers
  5. Click the key to activate
  6. Clck the top drawer
  7. Click the hook and grab it
  8. Zoom out
  9. Click the eye chart
  10. Remember the symbols – Right, Up, Left, Right, Down
  11. Zoom out
  12. Click the bottom cabinets
  13. Click the arrows
  14. Click the arrows in the following order – right, up, left, right, down
  15. Click the flashlight and grab it
  16. Zoom out
  17. Click the body chart
  18. Remember the colors pink, ble, orange
  19. Zoom out
  20. Click the cabinet by the stool
  21. Click the right side of the door
  22. Click the patter – pink, blue, and orange
  23. Click the door and open it
  24. Click the knife and grab it
  25. Zoom out
  26. Scale and zoom in
  27. Click the base of the scale to move it
  28. Click the knife to activate
  29. Click the square and use it
  30. Click the flashlight and activate it
  31. Click the hole and use the flashlight
  32. Click the hook and activate it
  33. Click the hole to grab the decoder
  34. Zoom out
  35. Click the top cabinet on the right
  36. Click the right door to open click the decoder to activate
  37. Click the safe to place the decoder
  38. Click the safe to open it
  39. Click the jar to steal it