Can You Steal It walkthrough and cheats–with hints, tips, guides and full walkthroughs for how to beat level/stage 10 of Can You Steal It. Here you will find all the Can You Steal It walkthrough and guides for how to cheat in Can You Steal It! See below for the full walkthrough of Can You Steal It level/stage 10!

  1. Click the tree that is by the TV
  2. Click the screwdriver and grab it
  3. Zoom out
  4. Click the table with the ipad on it
  5. Click the ipad
  6. Click the screen to the ipad on
  7. Click the picture to change the sequence – Seed, Rain, Sprout, and Flower
  8. Remember the cluie -1225
  9. Zoom out
  10. Click the green pillow
  11. Click the ornage and blue puzzle
  12. Zoom out
  13. Click the trash can
  14. Click the trash can again
  15. Click the paper
  16. Click the puzzle piece
  17. Zoom out
  18. Click the TV stand
  19. Click the puzzle piece
  20. Zoom out
  21. Click the poster on the wall
  22. Click the puzzle piece and activate
  23. Click the puzzle and place the piece
  24. Do this 3 times
  25. Solve the puzzle
  26. And then click the puzzle
  27. Click the screwdriver and activate
  28. Click the screw and remove it
  29. Click the grate and remove
  30. Click the safe and zoom
  31. Enter the code – 1225
  32. Click the safe and open it
  33. Click the key and grab it
  34. Zoom out
  35. Click the drawer on the right side of the desk and zoom in
  36. Click the key and activate it
  37. Click the drawer and open
  38. Click the manila folder and steal it